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photo-1I wrote this song six months ago inspired by the story of Moses and the burning bush. Of all the things I have learned about the story through the years, one comment from a Bible study group back in seminary has stuck with me: when you take off your shoes, you’re gonna stay a while.

The lyrics are simple:
Take off your shoes and stay around.
Take off your shoes and stay around
For the land on which you stand is holy ground.

Throughout our weekly chapel with the preschoolers this year, I’ve shared a lot of music, and so it seemed right to do so on Preschool Sunday.

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Rain, Rain

I wrote this on a rainy day in 2005. I was awestruck by the power of water, how it can both give life and take it away. The recording is simple: just me and my guitar, no fancy tricks.

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From the mind of a four year old:

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I’ve had this tune and chord progression bouncing around for years – at least 15, by my count. Gathered with a group of friends last spring in the north Georgia mountains, I strummed the chords for a while. This is what emerged.

Now: I’ve recently gotten a copy of Mac’s Garageband software. It’s addictive. So this is my amateur attempt at arrangement. Enjoy!

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One of the boy’s favorite books has morphed into a song, thanks to a long weekend, Uncle Norwood, and Apple’s Garageband. That’s me on bass, “drums”, and vocals; Norwood on vocals, the kid on sound effects and narration, and Garageband on everything else. Addictive program, friends, addictive.

Oh, and I’ve been corresponding with the illustrator of the book, Daniel Kirk, who loves the song and is going to offer it as a free download on his website!

So here it is, the world premiere of My Truck Is Stuck. Video to follow.

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